Top 5 Best Free Fire India Battle Royale Alternative

Top 5 Best Free Fire India Battle Royale Alternative: The discussions about Free Fire India are increasing day by day and you players can’t wait. As a result, players have been wishing that perhaps, there would be another game like Free Fire India. So let us solve this problem of yours through this article. In this article, we will tell you the Top 5 Best Free Fire India Battle Royale Alternative.

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As you all know, Free Fire is a game that has been able to give players an action shooter survival battle royale genre. A new variant of this which is Free Fire India is also going to be launched for which, the hype is increasing day by day. In such a situation, competitive games are drawing the attention of such players which are similar to Free Fire India and are capable of giving you the experience of Battle Royale. So let us tell you through this article the Top 5 Best Free Fire India Battle Royale Alternative.

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Free Fire India Battle Royale Alternative

Many of you players are confused as to what today’s topic is about or why we have given the title like this. So for your information, we want to tell you that alternative means similar, that is, through this article we will tell about five such games that are completely similar to Free Fire India but are not the same.

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Article AboutTop 5 Best Free Fire India Battle Royale Alternative
Game TypeBattle Royale Game
Available OnPlay Store and App Store

Along with the information, we will also provide you download links for related games which you will be able to download directly from the platform. So read all the points given below carefully because in five points we have given information about five different games similar to Free Fire India.

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1 – Battleground Mobile India

Top 5 Best Free Fire India Battle Royale Alternative
Best Battle Royale Game

At number one comes BGMI which was introduced after the ban of PUBG. Although this game is also built on the platform of PUBG, it has been launched by modifying its name. If there is any game available today that can give the toughest competition to Free Fire, then it is BGMI i.e. BattleGrounds Mobile India. This game is similar to PUBG and you get the same system and automation in this game too.

In this game, you get to see the experience of battle royale and also enjoy the clash square mode like Free Fire India known as Team Death Match. In this game, you will get to see a lot of guns and weapons and you will be left on a battlefield where you have to be the existing player among 100 players who can reach the top and it depends on you which position you secure. As good as it sounds, it is even better than that, so go and try it.

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2 – New State Mobile

Now there is no need to tell you that the New State Mobile is a copy of PUBG and it has been launched in India with a new name. Just like PUBG, you are taken to a battlefield where you have to kill your enemies while surviving. In this game, you can go alone or can also go in this squad with your team to play. Apart from you, there will be 99 different players joining you, all of whom will be enemies of each other, even you. Accordingly, the more players you eliminate to win, the better your ranking will be.

This game is also very fabulous and you can download it from any Play Store. Download this game without thinking if you are looking for a game similar to Free Fire India.

3 – Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is also a game that has gathered around 300 million users. This game is also included in the Battle Royale genre and just like PUBG, you are sent into a war zone. Here you have to acquire weapons and also collect health, after which you have to go out for survival by taking flight from your enemies.

As the zone becomes more risky, players also have to come into this zone. The player who survives till the last zone, his/her chances of winning increase a lot. Along with this, you can become the winner of the game by becoming the last man standing. This game is also available in the Play Store, the download link of which is given below.

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4 – ScarFall: The Royale Combat

Top 5 Best Free Fire India Battle Royale Alternative
Battle Royale Game

We have placed this game at number four because it is the most unique one. Here you will get the experience of an insane Battle Royale Genre, along with that you will get to watch many modes that are found in large numbers in comparison to Free Fire India and BGMI. In this game, you get to see many other modes along with monthly missions.

Its most special thing is that in this game, the limitation of players is not only limited to your region but you can also compete with global players on the battlefield. In comparison to games like Free Fire India and PUBG, the quantity of weapons and items is lesser in this game, yet this game has maintained its popularity. If you want to try something unique then you can download this game.

5 – Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

This game is also very popular on the Play Store because in this game you get complete battle royale features. with this, you will get to experience a new thing and that is that you get the asset, environment, and characters of this game in a cartoonish type. This game is designed to target the underage, hence even children are fond of this game. In this game, a perfect battle royale has been initiated using less violence.

The most special thing about the Grand Battle Royale game is that you get this game in small size and it is perfectly compatible even with low-end devices. This means that you can play this game with high graphics on your budget phone, which has become the biggest requirement today. So you can try this game, the link to which is also given below.


What is the alternate game for Free Fire?

In this post, we have added the top 5 best Free Fire India battle royale alternative games like BGMI, Grand Battle Royale, and more.

Is Free Fire the No 1 game?

Yes, Garena Free Fire is the No.1 Battle Royale Game.

Can we play it on an iOS Phone?

Yes, You can Play Garena Free Fire India Battle Royale Game On iOS Phone.


So through this article, we have told you about some important games that are considered the closest alternatives to Free of India. For your convenience, we have also provided direct download of the particular games which you can download from the official platform. We hope that you would have liked this article to a great extent and if so, then share it with your friends and stay connected with us because we will keep sharing useful content with you in this manner.

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